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It’s been a long journey, but the time is finally here. After a few rows and friendly arguments, our team has finally decided it’s time: we’re starting a label. In fact, it’s already done. We’re here, declaring it now.

This last year has been crazy. Here, in the UK, as you all know, it’s been nothing but Brexit this and Brexit that. Well, after hearing it shouted from the rooftops and through the airwaves, we’ve decided the rebellious and courageous spirit matches our pursuits.

We’re proud to announce the formation of BREXIT RECORDZ. This new label is committed to bringing the freshest, most daring sounds to the UK and international markets starting yesterday. We’re excited to announce our first record with many more to come. Brexit Recordz will be a talent pool that promotes and publishes only the best of the best. Right now, we’re already working with a great team of artists—from singers, writers, producers, and more.

Brexit Recordz is on the scene. We will promote it hard. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re only going to get bigger. If you’re interested in submitting songs and learning more, please contact us.


Title Date of Release Producers Genre
# Dandy Diaspora 13/3/2017 Swagger Jackerz Savage House
# Kung Fu Sandal 13/3/2017 Sovereign Grime